Connecting our Youth to Nature with iNaturalist

Connecting our Youth to Nature with iNaturalist

Looking for a way to get our youth engaged and connected with nature? Well, there’s an App for that!

iNaturalist is an online social network where people share biodiversity information to help each other learn about nature. Short version - iNaturalist was developed to help people connect with nature! The added perk is that each observation made has the opportunity to become research grade which then makes it research quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature.

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The iNaturalist and Seek Apps allow users to make and record observations on the go! Simply go online and create a free user profile on to get started, and then download the App on to your smart phone to start observing. The iNaturalist and Seek Apps are very common except that in the Seek App there are challenges and badges that can be earned, the more you observe.

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The iNaturalist and Seek Apps do all the work for you! Simply take a picture of your nature find and then upload your photo observation to the App where it will suggest identifications for you to choose from. Select the suggestion that you feel best fits and then share it with the iNaturalist social community who will then agree with your identification or make a recommendation as to a better fitting ID.

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So what classifies as an observation? An observation records an encounter with an individual organism at a certain time and place. Your smart phone camera records the date, time, and location of each photograph which then follows it when it is uploaded to the App. Observations can be made of organisms such as animals, plants, fungi, and even animal tracks, scat, and nests which represent signs of life. Each observation should be recorded separately.

When taking photographs for observations, be sure that your pictures are clear and the subject is easy to view. If taking pictures of a plant or flower, it is recommended to get multiple pictures to include the flower, leaves and base of the plant to help with identification.

Take iNaturalist or the Seek App for a spin next time you’re outdoors or at the park, and then come join us in April for the 2019 City Nature Challenge. The James B Harrison Foundation will be hosting a bioblitz Nature Challenge on Saturday, April 27th from 9:00am to 12:00pm to help Houston become the wildest city in Texas! More details can be found at

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1st Annual JBH Foundation Photography Contest

The James B Harrison Foundation is excited to announce its Annual JBH Foundation Photography Contest. Our first contest will be open from January 2019 to December 2019. Entries are due by December 20th. It is our hope, with this contest, to capture the beauty of our JBH Foundation Properties through the eyes of our visitors.

The contest will be open to all ages and experiences. The rules are simple. Photograph entries must have been taken on a property within the Foundation. Limit one entry per person. Subjects can range from wildlife to landscapes and all in-between.

As this is our first contest, winner(s) and special categories will be dependent on the total number of entries received. The James B Harrison Foundation Board of Directors will serve as our contest judges and will select photographs that capture the heart of The James B Harrison Foundation.

Please see our Photography Contest under “Resources” for more information.

2018 Brazos Bend Christmas Bird Count

The Christmas Bird Count for Brazos Bend is set for Saturday, December 15th, 2018. This will be the 7th year that the James B Harrison Foundation’s Long Point Ranch will have participated in this event.

The Christmas Bird Count is an annual event within National Audubon Society, with over 100 years, 118 to be exact, of community science involvement. It is an early winter bird census, where volunteers across the country go out over a 24-hour period on one calendar day to count birds across a 15-mile radius tract in their local area.

The count is open to birders of all ages and experiences. Each participant must register prior to the scheduled bird count. Registration is now open for those wishing to volunteer and participate in this year’s bird count. Head to to register. If you should like to join us for this year’s count leave JBH Long Point Ranch in the comments section.

The day usually starts pretty early. It is recommended that participants bring a sack lunch to eat in the field as the count will wrap up in the late-afternoon.

Come dressed for the appropriate weather conditions and don’t forget your binoculars or camera as the day will be full of plenty of birds to see!

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Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to! 

We are very excited to have our website up and running. Our goal at The James B Harrison Foundation is to organize and promote charitable activities, with an emphasis on youth involvement, to further education and research for land conservation, appreciation of nature and sustainability. It's been quite the learning process, but we are very eager to serve our local communities of Fort Bend and Wharton Counties. 

We hope that you take a few minutes to browse our website. Should you have any questions or would like to know more about us, please feel free to reach out under the "Contact Us" link.


The James B Harrison Foundation

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