Visitor Rules

The James B Harrison Foundation’s Long Point Ranch and Burr Property are privately held properties and use is limited to scheduled activities and events. The Foundation reserves the right to remove or prohibit visitors from entering the property based on failure to adhere to visitor rules, property signage, or instructions from Foundation employees. 

For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, and to protect and sustain our wildlife habitats, all visitors are expected to adhere by the following rules.

The James B Harrison Foundation appreciates your respect for our properties, employees, and other guests.

General Visitor Rules

Please report any safety hazards or suspicious activities to any Foundation employee. In case of an emergency, we recommend that our visitors immediately call 9-1-1 and then report it to our Foundation employee on site.

All visitors must sign-in upon arrival.

All Foundation properties currently operate by appointment only access. The James B Harrison Foundation Long Point Ranch Office is open for business Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm. We recommend calling ahead and scheduling an appointment.

As the majority of our activities and events take place outdoors, bad weather may cause schedule activities or events to change without notice. On these bad weather days, our staff is available after 8:00am to discuss rain accommodations or rescheduling. 

All visitors are required to sign our liability release waiver. Release waiver will be forward to participants prior to your scheduled visit. Release waiver will also be available at sign-in. A parent or legal guardian must sign for children under the age of 18 years old before participation in any activity or event held on Foundation properties. All children under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Supervision of children is not a responsibility of Foundation employees. It is up to the activity or event organizer to ensure that they have enough volunteers. Individual liability release agreements may be covered by a Certificate of Liability Insurance provided by the host organization for a specific activity or event.

Additional rules may apply depending on the nature of the activity or event.

During Your Visit 

We ask that for the benefit of other visitors and our wildlife, please maintain respectful noise levels at all times. Disorderly conduct, including excessive noise, is prohibited. Failure to comply can result in visitor removal from Foundation properties.

We highly recommend that guests wear closed toe shoes, for their own safety. Sandals are not recommended nor are they suitable for our properties.

Sun screen and insect repellent is also recommended.

All pets, with the exception of service and working animals, are prohibited from the property as pets can disturb wildlife, impede enjoyment of Foundation properties by other visitors, spread disease to wildlife, and leave stools that can result in sanitation problems. Visitors with service and working animals must collect and dispose of their pet's stools.

Littering is prohibited!

Please help us keep our Foundation properties clean by disposing of litter properly in designated waste receptacles. Except for water or sports bottles, food and drinks are not permitted on our trails. The Foundation does not provide drinking water. Glass containers are not allowed on Foundation properties, as they pose a danger to other visitors and our wildlife.

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on all Foundation properties.
Alcohol is not permitted on the premise. An exception may be granted for specific events.

Firearms and concealed weapons are not allowed on the property, except by certified peace officers, active duty personnel, and Foundation employees.

Please lower the volume or silence cell phones during activities and events.

getting around

We ask that all visitors please stay on our maintained trails to avoid harmful impacts to our natural habitats, as well as for visitor safety. Off-trail activity is prohibited. Some trails may be closed or re-routed throughout the year to protect sensitive habitats and/or for visitor safety.

A tractor pulled people-trailer is available for requested activities and events. This people- trailer serves as transportation for visitors from one site to another within Foundation properties. The tractor will be driven by a Foundation employee. All visitors utilizing the people- trailer should be seated during transportation and remain seated until the tractor has completely stopped at its final destination. For our visitor’s safety, standing during transport is not permitted. All riders should adhere to any rules or instructions given by the tractor

driver. Parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 years old are expected to monitor their child's behavior during transport.

Motorized vehicles are restricted and prohibited from all trail areas, with the exception of an emergency. Some areas are restricted to authorized vehicles only. All visitor vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas. Foundation ATVs and 4-Wheelers are off-limits to all visitors and are reserved for Foundation employee use only.

Special Activities and Events

Limited primitive (tent) camping is currently available on all Foundation properties by members of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. As camping can present a potential threat to our wildlife habitats, it is limited to non-profit and educational organizations or groups. Other requests for primitive camping are considered by a case-by-case basis. We encourage all campers to use Leave No Trace ethics. Tent camping is allowed in designated camping areas only.

Campfires are allowed in designated campfire areas only. Firewood is generally not provided and may not be collected on site. Depending on our pruning schedule, firewood may be available on occasion. Campers must extinguish all fires before leaving the premises. We ask that our visitors please remove of all waste and litter properly when leaving the Foundation properties.

Individuals from educational, academic, scientific, and environmental clubs, or other recognized organizations, are welcome to participate and conduct minimal habitat impacting research or studies on the Foundation properties with prior written permission.

Other Rules

Swimming, canoeing, or boating is prohibited on all Foundation properties. 

Hunting by visitors is strictly prohibited on all Foundation properties.

For the safety of our wildlife and visitors alike, please do not feed the wildlife.